The Deeply Journey: What to Expect

Starting Deeply brings you on a journey towards optimal gut health and overall wellness.  By increasing your intake of diverse plant fibres, especially prebiotic fibres, you nourish the trillions of bacteria in your gut that are crucial for your health. These bacteria not only love to feed on prebiotic fibre, they love a variety of fibre.  This is why Deeply provides ¼ of your daily fibre requirement from five different plant sources.

Let us take you on the journey of what you can expect.


Week 1

Highlight: Better formed stools

From Day 1, your gut bacteria benefit from increased prebiotic fibre, helping the healthy bacteria to flourish. The proof of better gut health isn’t in the pudding, it’s in the poo! Initial changes include more regular and well-formed stools, signalling better gut function.

Rapidly increasing fibre might cause temporary discomfort, bloating, or gas as your gut adjusts. To ease this transition, consider starting with half measures for a week and gradually increase to the full amount. You can also choose to have Deeply later in the day to avoid having to deal with bloating issues in the workplace.  Don’t be deterred though as these side effects are temporary for most and indicate that your gut bacteria are enjoying their new food.


Weeks 2-6

Highlight: Improvement in gut symptoms

For most individuals, the side effects from increasing fibre have settled down by 4 weeks.

Your gut bacteria will be thriving, leading to a healthier gut lining and reduced inflammation. Experiencing positive changes in gut symptoms such as bloating, constipation, and reflux are common at this point.


Weeks 7-12

Highlight: Improvement in current health markers

With a healthier gut lining and less inflammation, additional health benefits may emerge. Fermentation of prebiotics by gut bacteria produces wonderful chemicals called short-chain fatty acids.  These support various aspects of heath, including brain and immune health, through the Gut-Brain Axis and the Gut-Immune Axis.  Their benefits extend further still, with many reporting improvements in mood, energy, sleep, skin, and cognition.

Check out our science section if you would like to learn more!


Weeks 12+

Highlight:  Supporting your long-term health

Science tells us that increased fibre is linked to a lower risk of chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers, and cognitive decline. Healthy gut bacteria reduce inflammation, which is often a root cause of many of these problems.


We hope that you are excited to start your Deeply journey, a journey that will help to support many aspects of your health – both current and long-term.  Remember, we are always here to answer any of your questions or concerns.