Your Deeply journey: What to expect in the first 12 weeks

Your Deeply Journey

We’ve all got the good stuff in us, but it’s how we nourish it and help it grow that really makes the difference. Like all growth, it happens little by little, day by day. Even when it doesn’t feel like anything is happening, Deeply is doing what it does best – feeding the good guys, deep inside your gut.

And it’s not just in your gut - the positivity of prebiotics stretches all the way up to your brain, thanks to the power of the GUT-BRAIN AXIS. Deeply ensures a positive conversation is happening between these two vital parts of your body, improving overall mental well-being in the process. 

It’s also important to appreciate that Deeply isn’t a quick fix. All good things take time and committing to your health long term is where the magic happens. You’ll be happy to know, however, that in making Deeply part of your routine, most people experience positive changes almost immediately. And the longer you commit, the more benefits you’ll reap.

Here’s what you may look forward to:


Deeply Enthusiast || 2 - 4 weeks 

- Happier gut and healthier poos 

- Good bacteria incoming which means less inflammation and bloating 


Deeply Believer - within 12 weeks 

- Positive gut-brain axis relationship for improved mental wellbeing 

- Happier gut for better moods

- Improved sleep quality

- Improved skin health

- Improved cognition


Deeply Devotee - 12 weeks and beyond

- Good bacteria thriving and multiplying resulting in a stronger immune system 

- Increased fibre which decreases risk of chronic diseases


Everyone's gut microbiome (all the microorganisms and their genes) is unique to them, so you may experience different positive effects to someone else. What we do know for certain is that no matter what, by consuming Deeply daily you will be improving your health both for the short and long term.